Brainstorming is an important part of the planning process. The problem is that you usually end up with endless lists. If you are the visual type, you may choose a whiteboard.

Mind Mapping

After wasting hundreds of hours of solutions that didn’t work, I finally found a way of planning that does work: Mind Mapping.

In a nutshell, it creates spiderwebs from a core concept and allows you to just let you organize and flow with ideas.

Mac Only Solution

Since I am a Mac user, I tend to find that many smaller companies don’t build Mac and PC versions. So, if you are a Mac only person and want one of the cleanest programs on the market, head over and get MindNode 5 in the App Store.

Mac and PC Solution

My other go-to solution for Mac and PC folk is XMind.

MindNode has much cleaner design, but most people can actually get away with the free version of XMind. I have been using it for years and am still on the free version myself.

If you pick this solution, you gain the ability to be able to send that file to another person and have them edit it.

You can always upgrade to PRO and get awesome collaboration.

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