I am busy.

You are busy.

Sometimes I just can’t find the time to make that 1 pm webinar on ______ in the middle of the workday.

I also feel like I may be at a loss if I skip it in favor of actually doing some actual work.

But, it this case you can have your cake and eat it too.

Step 1 – Download Sound Siphon

Sound Siphon is this amazing little app that allows you to tell your Mac what audio source to record. Unless you have a mic that you plug into your computer, your only real option is to use Mac’s internal microphone.

With Sound Siphon, you just tell it what application you would like to record (Chrome, Zoom, etc).

Step 2 – Use Quicktime to Record the Webinar

Next, go into Quicktime and when it loads go up to the menu and select New Screen Recording.

Once you see your record button, click the dropdown and select the name you made in Sound Siphon.

Quicktime will then ask you what part of the screen to record.

Step 3 – Use Teamviewer to remote into your computer

Assuming you can’t be around to hit record, with Teamviewer you can remote into any computer. You will need to set this up on your phone and Mac.

Step 4 – Set a reminder

Set a reminder of when the event will start and include the webinar login details so you can easily find it.

Step 5 – Log in and hit record

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Optional easier steps

If you don’t need to record video, then Sound Siphon allows you to tell it when it starts and stop a recording.

It is like they planned for this