Step 1: Forward your email

Bluehost email forwarding

Step 2: Go to Gmail and setup an account

Create an account

Step 3: Configure GMail to work with your phone

Enable IMAP

Step 4: Setup 2-step authentication

Setup 2-step authentication  by clicking here

Add an App passwords for your domain by clicking here. For the name, I would select “custom” and call it your domain name (such as “” if it was for me).

Copy down that password.

Step 5: Send from GMail

Setup GMail to send from a different email address ( by clicking here

Click “add another email address

A screen will pop-up.

Change “587” to “465

Add your gmail login ( and the app password you created from the above step.

GMail will send a confirmation email to this account. Find that code enter that code into the pop-up.

Run a test from a different account by emailing this new address. Never assume that everything is working ok.

Lastly, next to your new account in this screen, click “make default” so that GMail will use this one as your primary “send from” account.

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G Suite is great but it is really meant for a business that has more than one user needing an email account (think you plus an assistant, employees, etc).