By Time

  • Brainstorm new content ideas
  • Learn, Implement, Optimize, Ship, Review Results
  • Review your goals
  • Review your numbers
  • Do a quick audit to ensure everything is still funneling and flowing
  • Set your goals

By Activity

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Agora Pulse


  • Reply to everyone
  • Check your mentions
  • Monitor social media for keywords and phrases
  • Schedule your updates for the next day
  • Check out other social media profiles
  • Curate content to share
  • Advocacy: Make it easy for your team to share
  • Engage with MVPs
  • Follow back those who follow you
  • Connect with one new person


  • Check your stats
  • Engage with influencers
  • Engage with partners
  • Weekly goals check-in
  • Hold a strategy session
  • Attend events—chats, hangouts, etc.
  • Update your social media ads


  • Perform a social media audit
  • Goal-setting
  • Come up with new experiments
  • Plan ahead for the next month or more

By Activity


Is the relationship ok?

Are you at peace?

Where are you feeling it?

Not at Peace


This is a good thing!

Feeling frustrated is a sign of growth.




Signs you are avoiding:

  1. Rescheduling things on calendar
  2. Not being direct
  3. Tired
  4. Heart rating
  5. Retreating
  6. Self-doubt

Do this instead:

  2. Move
  3. Call – ask someone for help instead of being “on”
  4. Swim
  5. Go to meeting
  6. Journal/read
  7. Meditate
  8. Unanswerable question
  9. Everything will be ok in the end
  10. Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  11. bright lights
  12. step out
  13. Down in the park

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