Sometimes we want to build a new habit.

Other times we want to stop one.

Below are three habits that if you stop will make your life much better.

Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

What is important to realize is that your phone is a tool and we are getting addicted to it.

Did you know that the red circle that appears on your iPhone mail app is supposed to cause anxiety? What every app maker wants is to hook you to your device (which we already touch over 150 times a day). In a study, when people started to avoid those notifications they started feeling better.

Treat it like one and turn off your notifications.

Unsubscribe To Newsletters That Don’t Improve Your Life

We are in the Information Age and currently going through the “terrible info phase.” Everyone is putting our tips and tricks and most of it isn’t very helpful.

Consume only what is helpful and unsubscribe to all of the rest.

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Turn Off The News

In the 60s the news was seen as a public service that the networks were providing and meant to lose money. Let’s face it, facts aren’t always entertaining. But, as shareholders demanded profit the news morphed into entertainment. (1, 2).

Today, 10% of the news is based on reporting and then it is turned over to “contributors” that share their opinion.

Opinion isn’t news.

The news sells fear. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this post from

They touch upon the fact that what gets coverage isn’t in alignment with reality.

Want to keep up to date on current events?


When you meet up with your friend for coffee, ask them “what is going on in the world?”