We all have that person in our life that has no problem approaching a stranger and within minutes they seem like life long friends.

Have you ever asked how they do it?

This New Person Is Already Your Friend

You just don’t know it yet…

I have know a few people that have “celebrity status.” What that means is that a lot of people know them or recognize what they have done.

But it is also a mindset. 

Everyone that I know that is a celebrity treats the people that they meet like they already know one another and have for years.

This doesn’t mean that they get into deeply personal issues, but they move past the awkward “getting to know you phase” with lightning speed because they assume that you are already a friend.

Think of how you act with your best friend and see if you can do that with the next person that you meet…

Observe, Share, Ask

Los Angeles dating coach Marni Kinrys understands that breaking the ice is a fundamental step to help people find a partner. But before romance, it is important if you can see yourself wanting to be friends with someone.

She created a framework that anyone can use, anytime, whether in pursuit of romance or friendship, called the “O.S.A. Method.” 1, 2, 3

O.S.A. Method is short for Observe, Share and Ask. If we break down the method it looks a little like this:

O stands for “Observation” something that you genuinely find interesting (something someone is wearing, a mark on the wall, anything).

S stands for “Share” expansion 5-10 seconds extra about observation. For example, “I feel basketball is awesome because of _______ (emotion).

A stands for “Ask open-ended questions” like “how, why, what, when, where…”

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Remember that if this is new to you it may feel awkward…

And that is okay! Everything new will be strange at first and just requires some practice.

Use O.S.A. on at least 10 people each day.

Maybe you will make a new friend?

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