We have the next hour together. “What is going to make our time today awesome?”

It is so much easier to sit down, be handed an agenda and then either be disappointed or excited at the end of that time.

Instead, this question allows us space to think about what we want and then do it.

If you don’t stretch this muscle often and need to practice, let’s set up some low balls:

Do you want a 5-minute break every hour? Or, do you want to take 15 break in the afternoon?

Do you want to sit inside for our meeting or go for a walk?

Do you want to take a tour of an area?

Do you want to get a snack (like ice cream) afterward?

Can we learn something that I will use with my team?

Can I come up with three new ideas?


The challenge is being specific.


Then, at the end of that time period, we can do a check-in:

How many new ideas did you come up with?

Did you learn something new that you could use with your team?


What this is is co-creation. In a board game, we are told the rules and then play. But, we don’t live on a board game. We live in a place where the rules are fluid and people are making them up all the time.

Another way to look at this is during a business negotiation. We could say “how do you want to positively get what you want?”

Once that you know how to establish the rules at the moment, all that is left is to go play.

So, go play.


H/T Margarita