Since we did research into our customers’ emotions, and defining a persona, the next step is to craft a story that resonates.

We are looking for:

Your customers’ primary complaint

Your customers’ secondary complaint

Their negative feelings

Their ultimate fear

Their dreams

Your promise or solution

Your credentials why you are the person to fix their problem

Primary Complaints

Your prospect’s Primary Complaint is the most pressing concern they have related to this niche or your offer. You will create a primary complaint using a present tense verb. Read the Help Tab and watch the Video Tab for a quick run-down on how best to enter your data.

  • experiencing terrible credit
  • having stubborn body fat
  • struggling to get a date
  • keeping cell phones charged
  • preventing spiritual growth
  • making lousy investments
  • having retirement concerns
  • writing really bad sales and email copy
  • experiencing poor communication
  • experiencing depression and anxiety
  • drinking in excess
  • struggling with porn addiction
  • Future Tense
  • experience terrible credit
  • have stubborn body fat
  • struggle to get a date
  • keep cell phones charged
  • prevent spiritual growth
  • make lousy investments
  • have retirement concerns
  • write really bad sales and email copy
  • experience poor communication
  • experience depression and anxiety
  • drink in excess
  • struggle with porn addiction

Secondary Complaints

Your prospect’s Secondary Complaints are the other nagging problems or complaints he/she has. They are often related to the primary complaint. You will create a secondary complaint using a future tense verb. The question you want to ask is, “Given the prospect’s primary complaint, what else might be of concern?”

If Primary Complaint = trapped by terrible credit

  • damaging your reputation with banks, running into troubles getting a home or car loan, experiencing bad run-ins with lenders

If Primary Complaint = losing stubborn body fat

  • experiencing confidence-crushing problems, fearing serious health issues, suffering from joint aches and pains

If Primary Complaint = struggling to get a date

  • struggling with social withdrawal, watching your self-worth and confidence drain away, becoming addicted to porn or sex workers

If Primary Complaint = writing terrible sales copy

  • seeing thousands of dollars lost in potential sales, tainting your reputation with top affiliates, struggling through financial hardships

If Primary Complaint = lack of communication with your partner

  • experiencing intimacy and bedroom issues, drifting further apart, fearing he is having an affair

Negative Feelings

Your prospect’s negative feelings are the feelings that arise when he/she considers the complaint, or when thinking of the frustration over trying solutions that have failed to solve them in the past.

  • abandoned
  • baffled
  • cheated
  • deceived
  • embarrassed
  • fed up
  • guilt-tripped
  • hopeless
  • imprisoned
  • jealous
  • let down
  • made fun of
  • needy
  • offended
  • paranoid
  • resentful
  • self-conscious
  • taboo
  • vindictive

Ultimate Fear

If Primary Problem = terrible credit

  • you could end up losing your home, your car, and your sense of worth

If Primary Problem = stubborn body fat

  • you may end up suffering from serious illness, or feel imprisoned inside your own body

If Primary Problem = problems getting a date

  • your social life will wither way, leaving you alone for years… perhaps even decades

If Primary Problem = problems keeping your cell phone charged

  • you may face a life-or-death emergency and not have a working cell phone – the one thing that could save your life

If Primary Problem = lack of spiritual growth

  • you may end up on a path that takes you in the opposite direction of your greatest destiny

If Primary Problem = lousy investments that rob you of money and time

  • you could end up dead broke and at the end of your rope

If Primary Problem = really bad sales and email copy

  • you are forced to take a corporate job just to pay the bills, and never realize the dream of being free from the rat race

If Primary Problem = poor communication with your significant other

  • your relationship dies… and then you move on to the next relationship carrying this same baggage, only to watch it die as well

If Primary Problem = depression and anxiety

  • you may end up dying at your own hands…long before your time, and leaving those care care about you in a state of confusion and suffering


What would it look like for you to really arrive at your goals? Would you experience more security?

  • financial independence
  • more free time with your family
  • faster weight loss and more sustained energy
  • more dates without spending a fortune on dinner and drinks
  • all the extra income you and your family could ever want
  • the ability to come and go as you please
  • the skills to craft a persuasive sales message with a few clicks of your mouse
  • greater return on your investments

Rapport Story

Rapport Story is where you introduce yourself to your prospect, cover your credentials and experience, and most importantly-explain why you can relate to their challenges.


Promises are the benefits, tips, tactics, and learning you intend to give to your prospect. You will be entering future tense, present tense, and past tense promises. Be as specific as possible.

  • rediscovering true purpose and meaning
  • repairing credit within 90 days
  • training any dog quickly
  • burning more body fat around the clock
  • losing 5 or more pounds in less than a week
  • refurbishing dead batteries while saving money
  • cranking out taxes like a professional in less than 30 minutes
  • getting an ex-mate back with a simple series of text messages
  • building better websites in less than an hour
  • picking winning stocks


Any credentials you may want to share to lend authority to your emails. If you do not have “official” credentials, share your history and experience inside your niche.