Have you ever worked with someone professionally only to develop romantic feelings? In my case, it was a woman and I feel for her hard. I noticed I was thinking about her a lot.

The only problem was that she had no idea how I felt.

I also didn’t enjoy the idea of telling her because that would completely shatter the fantasy.

But, like most things, I was challenged to do something healthy about it… I knew that I started acting differently to her and it actually started to create some distance between her and I.

This is what I ended up telling her:

“It is important that I create the healthiest relationships no matter the outcome.

Because of the work we have been doing together, I have felt a closeness to you that you may not be feeling.

What is important is that I don’t go down an inappropriate rabbit hole and just wanted to address that.”

No matter what, this would be a win. Either she would feel the same way and we would give a go at a different type of relationship.

While I hoped for a romance, the otherside wasn’t too bad either because at least I would know the truth. Win-win.