Thanks to Steve Jobs, we all know what APPS are. We have had applications for decades but Apple made them easy to install. Simply find the one you want, click install, and bam, you have super charged your phone.

Did you know that you can also do this with your Internet Browser (Google Chrome and Firefox)?

Just like the Apple App Store, Google Chrome and Firefox have their own marketplace of add-ons that can increase the power of your Internet Browser. Google calls theirs the “chrome web store” and the “apps” would be called “Chrome Extensions.”

But, what do you do when you find one that you want?

All you need to do is:

1) Search for the one you want.

Since I use Chrome, you can find their web store by clicking here.

If you want a shortcut, I documented all of the ones I currently use and you can find them by clicking here.

2) Click the “Add to Chrome” button (there is a similar process for Firefox)

Once you find one that you want, click the “Add to Chrome” button:

That is it!

Extensions will show up as these tiny icons to the right of the URL Bar:


Each one of these will probably have some custom settings so if you have some time play around with the settings.