What Are Electromagentic Frequences?

What Is Electromagentic Radiation?

What Is Dirty Electricity?

What Are Some Safe EMF/EMR Ranges?

Warch Oram Miller (Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant)
complete a home audit of some normal issue areas:

How to measure dirty electricity

The Research

Immunologic Research’s study entitled “Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease”

The BioInitiative Working Group been prepared by 29 authors from ten countries*, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs. Their findings include that environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body that can lead various health issues. Here is a link to their color chart.

How To Use An EMF Meter

What Ranges Should I Be Aware Of?

  • RF Waking Hours = 0.1
  • RF Night = 0.01
  • LF30 Magnetic Fields = 0.1
  • LF600 if you have gone over

What EMF Detector Should You Buy?

I purchased a Cornet ED88T PLUS Electrosog Meter for $180 from stopsmartmeters.org.

EMF Action Plan

  1. Get wired
  2. Check your car for EMFs
  3. Turn off wifi at night or get rid of it completely
  4. Use a corded landline
  5. Blue light at night confuses the pineal gland and affects melatonin production, making it hard to fall asleep. (Plus, low melatonin production is highly linked to cancer risk.)
  6. Ground yourself often, by standing barefoot or lying down on Earth (grass or dirt)
  7. Certain lightbulbs (CFL’s, the swirly bulbs that contain mercury) put out lots of EMF and emit 70% of their mercury into environment within first 3 days after installing. Replace with Incandescent bulbs (around $45 for a 24-pack) instead. LED bulbs (around $20 for an 8-pack) are the second-best option, but test them with your Trifield Meter, because some brands are better than others
  8. Consider geting filters for dirty electricity (1, 2)
  9. Keep your distance from electroics of keep them off
  10. Do not use wireless devices inside metal enclosures because they need to work harder to get a signal
  11. Replace your homes smart meter
  12. Avoid small and large cell phone towers
  13. Be careful trusting trendy preventative options like shungite
  14. Avoid sitting near a fall that shares a refrigerator

Other EMF Products To Consider

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