For some, the opportunity to work from home is the ultimate freedom.

No commute…

No extra money spent on gas…

You can work in your underwear if you really want…

If you ever get the chance to work from home, you might soon learn that it can get really lonely.

While it has a list of benefits, you definitely are not part of a team.

This week I came across a site called is a free website where you can book a time an hour time to work with someone else. Yes, this is a stranger, but it is another person that would like a bit of connection that they might be missing.

Here is how works:

  1. Signup for free
  2. Book a session with someone and when the time comes to tell each other what you will be working on for that hour
  3. Some people will mute their mic while others like to hear someone else working in the background as a reminder that your partner is still there
  4. Once that 60 minutes are up, you do a quick check-in with each other

That is it…

We all have a tendency to procrastinate. Having another person just “nearby” that you told your goal to creates a really interesting environment where I wanted to complete my goal and found that I did more work during that hour than when I was alone.

If you are interested in giving a try, click here.