Hacking really isn’t that sophisticated. People look for the behaviors you do regularly and then reverse engineer ways to mess with your life.

This week, someone tried to hack me via Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Hacking Scheme

When someone sends you a calendar invite, Google by default will show the invite on your calendar in a transparent color indicating that you haven’t accepted the calendar invite.

This is what I saw:

Clicking on this event isn’t going to cause you harm. Just don’t click on any links inside this event.

That bit.ly link is going to either take you to a page asking you to give up your login and password to an important site. Or, install some Malware.

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Oh, by the way, I can help you with this...

Google Calendar Settings

Go to the Google Calendar settings by clicking here.

Look for the section called “Event Settings” and change the option in “Automatically add invitations” to “No, only show invitations to which I have responded.”

Hit save, and you are all good!