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A long time ago I learned that while I love pizza, my body doesn’t love pizza.

I find myself in a very complicated relationship with food knowing that while something might taste amazing, it might wreak havoc on my plumbing. Even though times are changing, this eliminates a lot of my choices when I am out in the world because most restaurants don’t take people with allergies or intolerances into account.

If you have to skip a meal, what do you do?

My Mom came across the IQ Bar one day, and we have never turned back. These bars not only taste great, but they work for you if you are:

  • On the Keto diet
  • On the Paleo diet
  • Are vegan
  • Want a bar that is Kosher
  • Or need something that is free of gluten, dairy and soy

Sound perfect? I know!

You can buy them on their website, eatiqbar.com, or on Amazon.com.