We have a real problem with passwords. Most of us use the same one for our websites and hackers know that. Think about it, if they can get that one password (and if you use that password a lot) then a hacker can get into your entire life. They really just need to get into one account, your email account, and they can figure out every service that you connected to. In the past, we were concerned about our social security number. But this pales in comparison to the damage that someone can do when they find out your password.

The solution is LastPass. I used them when they first started and decided to use a spreadsheet for my passwords. But, I have since signed up for a new account and am delighted that they are still on top. The biggest standout for me is that their free version now allows you to access your passwords on all your devices. This feature used to be only for paying customers.

Out of all the millions of apps, make this one a priority. You won’t regret it!