I was listening to an interview with author Neil Gaiman and he was asked about his writing process. Since I have been developing a daily writing habit these types of questions pique my interest.

His advice wasn’t just for writers. Instead, it was about creating discipline.

Neil said that when he is writing, he tells himself he can do one of two things:

He can write, or

He can do nothing (for example, stare out the window).

But, he can’t do anything else (for example, go for a walk).

As you can see, just replace “write” with anything else that you want to do that is important.

If you want to make a website, you can either make a website, not make a website, but you can’t do anything else.

If you want to paint a house, you can paint, not paint, but you can’t do anything else.

I write on my computer and am just a click away from a meaningless distraction.

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