A waiter or waitress comes to your table and offers you water. You accept and he or she brings you a cup of water. More often than not it is filled with ice. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

But, what you aren’t aware of is that ice isn’t helping in your quest to better health.

1. Let’s get the gross one out of the way: Bacteria

Most ice comes from unfiltered sources and is stored in areas that aren’t regularly cleaned. That doesn’t even take into account what may be on the hands of the person serving it to you.

If you are filtering the water that you freeze, you may be on the better side of things. But, even ice that you buy from the store isn’t held to the same standards as the bottled water that may be in your cart as well.

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2. It doesn’t improve your digestion

Dr. Suhas, a doctor, and author of “The Hot Belly Diet,” advocates that people avoid consuming anything cold. He compares our bodies to a car engine. When you start a car, it warms up and stays warm in order to perform optimally. Cooling an engine can actually cause the car to stop functioning, which is why we use antifreeze in colder climates. The same is true for us. The fifty thousand foot (scientific) view here is that having a hotter engine (your stomach) improves metabolism leading to improved digestion. Better digestion leads improvement in your health, and as a by-product, a happier you.

So, if you are grossed out then you have a good reason to abstain.

Or. if you are looking to get healthier this year, this is a great place to start.