Have you ever been in a meeting wondering “why am I here?”

Ask the following questions to see if your next meeting actually needs to take place.

Is A Meeting 100% Necessary?

Would skipping this meeting impede our ability to ship?

Could it take place in another format or medium?

Start With A Purpose

The desired outcome is clearly stated. The organizer has described what would have to happen for the meeting to be canceled or to stop midway. “This is what I want to happen,” and if there’s a “yes,” we’re done.

Pick one of the following (and you can only pick one). If it’s more than one, skip the meeting.

  • Inform people about the project
  • Learn opinions or facts that will help you ship
  • Discuss the project and gain input from interested parties
  • Pitch or approve the idea

Is A Meeting The Best Format?

There’s no better way to move this forward than to have this meeting.

Who Is Responsible?

There’s one person responsible. If you are leading the meeting, prepare and share an agenda. To use my template, click here.

Do We Have Enough Time?

The time allocated matches what’s needed, not what the calendar app says.

Who Is In The Room?

Everyone invited is someone who needs to be there, and no key party is missing.

Can we invite fewer people? How few?

Give people the “right to decline” a meeting invite. If it isn’t going to help the team, don’t have the meeting.

Where Is The Best Location For The Meeting

If we have to have the meeting, can we do it in a room with no chairs?

What Needs To Be Prepped Or Reviewed Ahead Of Time?

All relevant information, including analysis, is available to all in plenty of time to be reviewed in advance.


  1. Decided where and when to hold the meeting? Schedule meetings in the afternoon. Around 3-4 in the afternoon or 10-11 in the morning tends to be the sweet spot of productivity for most people.
  2. Confirmed availability of the space?
  3. Send the invitation?
  4. Send pre-readings or requests in advance.
  5. Chose a decision-making process
  6. Verify that all attendees will be there and know their roles?
  7. Prepare handouts?
  8. Identifiy, arrange for, and teste any required equipment?
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After you’re finished, how will you know if the meeting was a success?