Jordan Peterson interviews Warren Farrell. What is interesting about this interview is that it does a deep dive into the importance of a Father in the development of a conscientious child through “rough and tumble play.” The dynamic of the family is for the Father to play and create trust while the Mother is there to exercise discipline. Play then becomes a bond and a source of reward in regards to positive discipline. For example, play can happen if you do your homework. But, play stops when everyone isn’t having fun. This allows kids to explore the edges of what is fun.

Jonathan Haidt gave a lecture about the three terrible ideas that are weakening Gen Z. Three Great Untruths: 1) What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker (anti-fragility). 2) Always trust your feelings (We are all balloons filled with feelings in a world filled with pins). 3) Life is a battle between good people and evil people (“Intersectionality” and an interview with Van Jones). Developed He also recommends Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple for people to see patterns of negative thinking so they have the opportunity to correct them.

Simon Sinek talks about the millennial problem. He discusses there are four parts to the problem:. 1) Parenting. 2) Technology. 3) Impatience. 4) Environment.