Has someone disagreed with you? I would wager that you could think of an example (and probably one that has happened recently).

Someone that doesn’t agree with you isn’t right, wrong or stupid. They merely believe something that you do not.

To be able to see from another person’s point of view is one of the greatest skills you can develop and it is called “empathy.”


Someone with conservative beliefs isn’t right or wrong.

Someone with liberal beliefs isn’t right or wrong.

Watch the below video to get an understanding that each side just has different values, priorities, and stories:

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How To Practice Empathy

Think of something that someone you care. What do they believe that you do not? See the situation from their point of view:

What stories do they tell themselves?

What emotions do they feel?

What do they see as a priority?

Now, use the stories, emotions and priorities to write about the belief from their point of view.

The goal is to understand that the stories and feelings they experience are real. If you trigger one of these, making a connection can become difficult or impossible.