Ask these questions next time you get a new job…

What needs to be done?: Focus on what it is we’re trying to do, not how to do it. What outcomes do we want – both quantitative and qualitative – and by when?

When do you need this by?

Where: Exactly does this need to take place?

What do you need from your client? What budgetary, systemic and human help is available and how do we access it?

Bring up money: What is your rate? Remember that you can have fast and cheap, but not good.

Approvals: How much budget do you approve before I need to check-in?

Define accountability: How do you want me to check-in?

My expectations: How will you be billing? Upfront or afterwards? How many days will it take?

Benchmarking: What do we need to benchmark against to show progress?

Set guidelines: What are the essential values, policies, legalities, ethics, limits, and levels of initiative to be aware of in going after the desired results?

Q/A: Who’s responsibility is it to test the work? What happens if there are mistakes?

Completion: What does completion look like?

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