Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds refers to positioning your image as if you were to divide what you want to capture into thirds.

For example, in the picture below, you can see the Notre Dame is positioned off to the left of the image (instead of centered).

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Whenever you are recording video and audio, try to have some water nearby so that your talent can get a drink before you hit action. Cutting out the occasional cough isn’t a big deal, but the less editing that you have to do in the future the better.

Get images for cutaways

When you are filming and image that you want to refer to, make sure to get a high-quality picture of it. Better yet, get the original file so that you can insert that image when you are editing.

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Acronyms and industry lingo

I once heard that when delivering information, assume your audience has a 4th-grade reading level. While you don’t need to take this literally, the goal is to try and keep acronyms and industry talk to a minimum.

ROI vs Return on Investment

An example of an acronym in the business world would be ROI. This commonly stands for Return On Investment. If you aren’t familiar with that acronym then you will instantly lose your viewer. Defaulting to speaking without acronyms is always an easy win.

Footwear vs Shoes

An example of “industry lingo” would be footwear. People don’t refer to what they wear on their feet as footwear. Instead, they think of that article of clothing as shoes.