Imagine you are at the poker table. You have a good hand, but you just don’t know how good until “all the cards are on the table.” Do you go all in or do you test the waters? While both approaches can work, most players will go through rounds of testing the waters.

The same principle can be used off of the poker table. One of these approaches is called “Snap Testing.”

What is a Snap Test?

A Snap Test is “quick quantitative test of the psychology of idea/behavior in 4 hours of work or less.”

It builds upon two things:

What is the aspiration that you have?

What is the behavior will be tested that will achieve the aspiration?

Reality Check

Now ask yourself the question:

“Imagine the thing is built… what do you actually want your customers/users to do. Snaptest that.”

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Stats from Standford

“By the time you test 20 things, you have a 64% chance of success.
By the time you test 50 things, you have a 92% change of success.”

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