A website is made up of pieces of software and hardware. Just like your computer, sometimes things don’t work right. The problem is that with the message above, it can be like trying to find a needle (the solution) in a haystack (millions of possibilities).

Before sending your “HELP” email, please answer these questions…

Were you connected to the Internet when the problem occurred?

Websites won’t load if you don’t have a connection, if your WIFI is down, or you’re on airplane mode.

Sometimes a site just won’t load for you. You can check that by going to downforeveryoneorjustme.com.

What is the exact URL of the page where the problem exists?

The URL is the bar at the top of a webpage. It is best to copy and paste that into your email to us.

Can you take a screenshot of the issue?

A screenshot is just that, a shot of your screen.

On Windows computers, you can press “print screen” and then paste that into the email to us.

On a Mac, you can use their screenshot feature by pressing “command + shift + 3” or “command + shift + 4.” This will leave a file of your desktop that is a shot of your screen.

For more advanced screenshot tools, we use jingproject.com (free and simple).

What do you expect to happen/ it to look like?

Does the page or problem area look different than it should or did before?

Have you tried to empty your cache?

Your browser will store data and sometimes this data will impede you from seeing changes on a website. To remedy this, it is crucial to “empty cache.” Here is some information on cache: refreshyourcache.com.

If you are using Chrome, the best plugin I have found is the Clear Cache Shortcut.

What browser and operating system are you using?

What browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) is what you use to view a website?

What is your operating system could be either Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Even better information is the version of each of these that you are running.

Are you getting an error code? If so what is it?

This is again where a screenshot can really help.

What steps prior to getting the error did you take?

Did you click on a button on page X and it didn’t take you to?

For example, did you click “add to cart” and didn’t go to the checkout as you wanted?

Can you replicate the issue?

Sometimes these issues happen once and are very hard to fix. Issues that are much more important are the ones that happen all the time.

What have you tried to do to fix it so far?

Have you tried to restart your browser? Your computer? Etc…

How urgent is it? 

Does this need to be fixed right now or can it be done later?

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Are there any supporting documents you can provide?