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California’s department of health released guidelines warning people that the only safe way to use a cell phone is to text; avoiding putting a mobile phone up to their heads.

Apple has a page on RF Exposure that specifically tells you to use your phone as a speakerphone. Apple also recommends that you keep your phone 10 millimeters (or 0.39 inches) away from your body.

The World Health Organization report came out with a report in 2011 that classified cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

The following article from is a great summary.

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What can I do to protect myself?

  • Avoid holding it up to your head by using the speakerphone or sending texts
  • Bluetooth and wired headphones emit less radiation and remove them when you aren’t using them
  • If you watch video on your phone, keep the phone away from your head and body
  • Carry your phone in a bag or backpack instead of your pocket (yes, your bra is a terrible place to keep a phone)
  • Switch your phone to airplane mode if you are watching or listening to content
  • Keep your phone in another room at night instead of falling asleep next to it
  • The only time you should have your phone in your pocket is when it is off
  • Products that claim to “shield radiation” may make a phone work harder to acquire a signal making these problems worse.