Are you getting those one call hang-ups? I am too. Did you now that it is a scam and it is costing people money?

What is the wangiri scam?

The wangiri scammers are hoping that when you get those one ring calls that you call the number back. When you do, the call is routed to a 900 number and you will get charged. This might be a tiny charge but if a million people get called this can add up to hundreds of thousands of illegal charges.

As a result, the FCC has been insisting that phone carriers take a stronger stance to protect you.

Here are some solutions that will help you:

Verizon’s free Call Filter

I have Verizon and android phone so I am going to give you what I currently use.

Recently Verizon started offering a version of their robocall blocker for free. It is called Call Filter, and you can download it here:

For an Android phone

For an iPhone

Every time I get a suspected spam call, Verizon will label it “suspicious.” This has saved me from questioning a ton of phone calls.

The other carriers

AT&T has a free and paid version of Mobile Security and Call Protect.

T Mobile automatically will run something called Scam ID without an app. The second free method is Scam Block. To turn this on, dial #662# on your T-Mobile handset. To turn it off, dial #632#. If you pay $4 a month you  can get the “Name ID” service, which identifies and provides caller information like the name, location and type of organization.

Sprint has Premium Caller ID for $2.99 a month.

Paid solutions

Some paid apps are getting some traction. One of them is called Firewall and is only available on the iPhone. For $3.99 a month it tries and learn from its user base and make continual improvements as to what calls should actually reach you.

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Oh, by the way, I can help you with this...

Do Not Call List

It doesn’t hurt to join the National Do Not Call Registry List by clicking here. This will stop most domestic telemarketers. Just not the ones overseas.