I have Macs and use Teamviewer to connect into my computer at home when I am away. Recently I upgraded to Mac’s Mojave operating system and noticed that I could only see my remote computers login screen but couldn’t actually type in my password.

Google was useless in solving this problem as well as Teamviewer’s support archive.

Like most things, I stumbled upon the solution when trying to install a different software application today.

Mojave upped it’s game in the security department and in order to control a computer remotely, you have to also tell your Mac that that behavior is allowed.

To do this:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Go to Security & Privacy
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • You will need to click the Unlock icon in the bottom of the window to make changes
  • Go back to the box under the text “Allow the apps below to control your computer” and find something called Teamviewer_Desktop
  • Click the empty checkbox next to it and you are good to go