Zoom has become the go-to web conferencing tool for remote teams and podcasters.

Below are a few settings that you might not be aware of that you can use to up your game.

Zoom’s Web Settings

The features I am going to talk about can be found by going to Zoom’s web settings by clicking here.

Save Your Whiteboard

Breakout Room or 1:1 Support

Waiting Room

Join From Browser

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Oh, by the way, I can help you with this...

App Settings


Tick the box for Enable HD Video

Tick the box for Always Display Participant Name On Their Videos

Tick the box for Turn Off Video When Joining A Meeting


Tick the box for Join Audio By Computer When Joining a Meeting

Tick the box for Mute Microphone When Joining A Meeting

Tick the box for Press and Hold Space Key to Temporarily Unmute Yourself


Tick the box for Record A Separate Audio File For Each Participant

I did a longer write-up for this feature that you can find here.